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I am writing this so that all your followers don't get screwed like me and my husband did! We went to Newburgh auto spa on rt 17k in Newburgh to get our cars detailed.

We have been there in the past and had no problems. My husband brings his car in to get detailed, and the next day he realized that his Gucci sunglasses are gone! So of course I screamed at him for leaving them in the car in the first place, then he calls the manager "joe". He tells Joe, he just wants his glasses back, no questions asked, or he is going to file a police report.

The manager tells him he will check with the guys that did his car and to come back the next day. My husband goes back the next day and the manager is out to lunch, so I call and he tells me that his people are honest and they wouldn't do that. He was acting like we were lying about the glasses being there. Then he offers us a gift certificate to get a car detailed!

I said who wants to come there when the employees steal from the customers! Then he tells us to come back the next day he has to talk to one more person. I asked for the owners phone number and name, he says he can't give me that, I said well have him call me then, he said he would have him call me. I never got a call from the owner!

So my husband was all ready to file a police report today, and the manager calls and says that they found his glasses! Needless to say, the whole thing sounds a little "fishy" to me.

I think if we weren't so relentless, they would have never "found" the glasses. Just wanted everyone know so they don't get screwed like we did!

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Middletown, New York, United States #711267

Place sucks they employ the hood rats that live in the city no wonder why your stuff got stolen..they stole an ipod out of my friends car...Beware here!

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